We develop software solutions for every industry

Our goal is to transform your industry with automated technology. Automation is going to save you time and money. This way you can build your business for the long term.

We offer custom software development (ERP, CRM, Data management) with no-code solutions. With a no-code solution you can train your staff with ease, and after everything is set up the management of the software is easy. 

Our software solutions can improve operational effectiveness, increase asset reliability, and empower connected workers

Check out some of our products:

Our Tech Stack

with Spring Boot/Hibernate
Node JS

with Express, KOA, Nest

React JS

with Gatsby/SSR for SEO and awesome UI/UX for B2C projects

Cloud Approach

with microservices, docker, and k8s when you need it

Cloud Solutions

Security, Software & NFTs

SaaS Development

web applications & solutions

Payment Gateways 

Integrations for e-commerce platforms

Analytics Dashboards
Real-time connection to any IoT
API Integrations

Web and software applications

Web Apps

The latest technology for all platforms


Improved operational effectiveness